Shihan Wayne Curry

10th Dan, Instructor

Shihan Wayne Curry started his martial arts journey in 1980 and studied a number of different disciplines over several years until he was introduced to Bujinkan in 1987. This has forged his way as a student of Budo ever since, under the guidance of Shihan Michael Tattoli .

Wayne has dedicated himself through perseverance and relentless commitment, traversing this ancient warrior art of self-discovery, conditioning of one’s heart, body, mind and spirit. He has been instructing at the Bateau Bay Brooke Ave dojo under Tattoli dojos since 1990.

Wayne has also extended his martial art path training internationally under the teachings of Soke Masaaki Hatsumi. He has facilitated a number of specialist Ninjutsu seminars covering both traditional Ninjutsu elements and modern day survival tactics over the recent decade for practitioners on behalf of Shihan Tattoli.

These skills and attributes of Ninjutsu have certainly contributed to Wayne’s personal and professional development building an in depth platform of awareness combat effectiveness whilst working in a number of high support security settings.

Wayne continues his journey as a 10th Dan Shihan within the Australian Ninjutsu Academy – Tattoli dojo’s.